The winners of the BPMREMIX contest with Vini Vici

BPM College is pleased to announce the winners of the BPMREMIX competition featuring Vini Vici

On July 2020, amidst the world pandemic, we opened the competition for submissions and we were thrilled to have one of the biggest contests in a long long while! We would like to thank all hundreds of artists who’ve sent us their original remixes – it was a pleasure to listen to all of them and see how people pushed their own creative boundaries and made fascinating original interpretations of ‘The Calling’ and made it their very own.

So without further ado, the winners of the BPMREMIX competition for Vini Vici’s ‘The Calling (ft. Ace Ventura)’ are:

First Place : The Arc X Alusin

Noam tells us about the remix: “We come from different worlds – while one of us comes from the world of deep, and the other one comes from the raw and the monstrous. This combination was made using both of our minds, which forced us to create a new, delicate remix that unites us in an interesting way. We tried to create a special design to accomplish a new vibe for all the listeners. You’ll get a unique vibe while listening. thank you Vini Vici, thank you Ace Ventura, thank you BPM, and thank you Waves, for the unbelievable opportunity! And most of all THANK YOU GUYS for taking your time and supporting this in ANY WAY! Peace”

The Arc x Alusin Win an official release of their remix version on Vini Vici’s remix album (Iboga Records) out late 2020!

Second Place: Synesthetic

Alessandro tells us about the remix: “I believe what makes this remix unique is the way I have managed to rebuild the arrangement and sequencing the samples to fit perfectly into my own personal progressive style. it’s a 138 [BPM] track with heavy EDM elements, tribalistic voices and percussions, psychedelic elements, and a driving bassline which brings you back to your present moment each time it drops which pushes your body forward to dance and brings your mind to float into the sounds.”

Synesthetic wins the Waves Audio Inspire Collection (includes OVOX, Codex, Flow Motion, Morphoder, Electric 88 Piano, and more!) courtesy of Waves Audio!

Third Place: Cyco

Mark tells us about the remix: “Our production style tries to emulate a live DJ performance. We wanted to create something completely different with our remix, while maintaining the exotic and ethereal aesthetic. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we loved making it!”

Cyco win a license for Waves Audio OVOX, Codex, Element, and FlowMotion plug-ins courtesy of Waves Audio!