The winners of the BPMREMIX contest with Ritmo

BPM College is pleased to announce the winners of the BPMREMIX competition featuring Ritmo

On November 2019, we opened the competition for submissions and we were taken away by the amazing responsiveness! We would like to thank all 85 artists who’ve sent us their original remixes, it was a pleasure to listen to all of them and see how people pushed their own creative boundaries and made fascinating original interpretations of ‘Follow Me’.

So without further ado, the winners of the BPMREMIX competition for Ritmo’s ‘Follow Me’ are:

First Place : Asgard

Roi tells us about the remix: “The remix is in the genre of Psytrance. I really enjoyed working on the track, it was very interesting to delve deeply into Ritmo’s production, see the way he approaches producing, the different parts used in the arrangement, etc.”

Asgard Wins a license for iZotope’s Music Production Suite bundle, containing some of iZotope’s leading plug-ins (Ozone 9, Neutron 3 and more)!

Second Place: NAX

Igancio tells us about the remix: “In this case, I managed to combine my style (Full On) with the “Ritmo-style” and created a new way to listen to this legendary track. Hope you like it”

NAX wins a license for iZotope’s Vocal Bundle, which contains iZotope’s leading plug-ins: Nectar 3 (w/ Melodyne 4 Essential included) and VocalSynth 2!

Third Place: Alva

Alva wins a license for iZotope’s Elements Suite bundle, which contains all the ‘Elements’ versions of leading iZotope plug-ins like Ozone, Neutron and more!