The winners of the BPMREMIX contest with Freedom Fighters

BPM College is pleased to announce the winners of the BPMREMIX competition featuring Freedom Fighters

In March 2021, we opened the competition for submissions and we were thrilled to receive all the remixes! We would like to thank all the talented artists who’ve sent us their original versions – we had a blast listening to all the unique interpretations you made of ‘Era’, and the way you made it your very own.

So without further ado, the winners of the BPMREMIX competition for Freedom Fighters’ ‘Era’ are:

First Place: Miles from Mars

Shane tells us about the remix: “We loved the trippy Moog lead so we made a driving Psytech style bassline from the same pattern. We built the rest of the track around this, combining our own sounds with Freedom Fighters to tell the same story with a unique twist.”

Miles from Mars win an official release on Freedom Fighters’ remix album (Stereo Society) out late 2021 + SoundRadix Radical Bundle of plug-ins!

Second Place: OneShot

Asaf tells us about the remix: “I downloaded the stems because I wanted to play with the files, and I ended up really liking what came out of it and decided to send it over. :)”

OneShot wins an online 1-on-1 studio session with Freedom Fighters + Soundradix SurferEQ 2 + POWAIR Plug-ins!

Third Place: Brokenblender

Genadi tells us about the remix: “I made this remix in downtempo\chill style. and let Eyal’s speech be in the front so that people will feel that this track is in his memory. Hope you will enjoy it”

Brokenblender wins a vinyl copy of ‘Era’ signed by Freedom Fighters + SoundRadix SurferEQ 2 Plug-in!