The winners of the BPMREMIX contest with Adam Ten

BPM College is pleased to announce the winners of the BPMREMIX competition featuring Adam Ten!

In December 2022, we opened the competition for submissions and it was such a thrilling experience to receive and listen to all your submissions! We would like to thank all the talented artists who’ve sent us their original versions – we had a blast listening to all the unique interpretations you made of ‘15 Days’, and the way you made it your very own.

Actually, we have a surprise! Adam loved your submissions so much that he decided that all of this competition’s winning remixes will be officially released with Maccabi House! And that comes with an additional surprise, we have a TIE of 2 for the 3rd place!

So without further ado, the winners of the BPMREMIX competition for Adam Ten’s ’15 Days’ are:

First Place: LuSiD

*The full track will be released via Maccabi House soon!*

Dean tells us about the remix: “Thought I would take a different approach and make this a funky remix with more live instruments that i played. I am a multi-instrumentalist live performer and thought they fit well with this. I hope you enjoy it!”

LuSiD wins an official signing with the Maccabi House label + Polyverse’s Everything Bundle of plug-ins + 1 chosen Yamaha Reface series synthesizer!

Second Place: Rafael

*The full track will be released via Maccabi House soon!*

Rafael wins the Polyverse Comet & Supermodal plug-ins + AKG K612 Pro Headphones!

Third Place: Raz Alon & Jenish

*The full tracks will be released via Maccabi House soon!*

Raz Alon tells us about his remix: “In the past, I produced psytrance music and I think the main idea came from there. I think that my uniqueness in this remix is combining a groovy bass line, excitement, darkness, mystery, and ethnic oriental flavor combining different cultures.”

Shalev (Jenish) tells us about his remix: “I decided to take the track to my own direction. I took inspiration from artists like Millero in my drum choice, and Mita Gami with different loops I designed and mixed, along with the vocal chopping. I really enjoyed producing a track that’s originally by an artist I really love and appreciate. Thanks for the opportunity!”

Raz Alon & Jenish will split the prize of Polyverse Supermodal plug-in + a 500 NIS (approx. 150 USD) voucher for purchasing studio gear at KZPRO.!