Top Five BLiSS’ Favorite Remixes

Slowly we approach the end of the third week of the BPMREMIX Contest. While you mix your version of Drop and Roll for the BPMREMIX contest – get some inspiration with bliss’ top 5 favorite remixes:

1. Infernal Machine – Lion King (Man With No Name Remix)

This track was one of my first loves. To this day – shivers go down my spine when it plays. You could say that this track, more than any other track, brought me closer to the world of full-on trance and running bass, combined with melody and psychedelia. The combination of Simon Posford and Dick Trevor (Infernal Machine) with the touch of Martin – were (and still are) divine for me.

2. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix)

‘The Prodigy’ has a special place in my heart. They bring me back to childhood realms and.

The Dutch ensemble, ‘Noisia’, continuously impresses me with their fine use of distortion – especially in this song. ‘The Prodigy’ has never sounded so great!

3. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

Once again – ‘The Prodigy’ – only this time with a super-danceable and super-musical remix.
I like everything Rob Swire (Pendulum) does. He brought a harmonical change to a famous melody, and by doing so, he gave a very cool twist to an immortal track.

4. John Lennon – Love (covered by Cuts)

It’s not exactly a remix, but it is electronic. The familiar song written by the famous Beatle John Lennon is truly touching. However, this new angle gives a refreshing and special atmosphere to the original song. In my eyes, a good remix is one that gives a new proportion to a creation without harming the “poet’s intention”. And here, Mr. Katz from Tivon, surely succeeded.

5. Stimulant Djs – Are You Serious? (Eskimo Remix)

I always liked the playful music of Eskimo, and at the time, I used to play it at my remix Dj’s sets. Junya took a hard-house track (a genre which I don’t particularly connect to), and turned it into a widely relevant monster for the psytrance lovers. In my opinion, merging genres is the ultimate way to create new and interesting sounds that resonate with the audience.



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