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Terms and conditions for the BLiSS Remix Activity

  • The manager of the competition: BPM College Ltd. 513770529 (the “company” or “BPM”).
  • The name of the competition: “BPMREMIX”.
  • The prizes of the competition..
  • The competition’s program (the “regulations”) may be obtained by clicking on the indicated link on the company’s website as defined below starting from the date of the publication of the activity until the date of the termination of the competition.

By participating in the BLISS Remix activity (the “activity”), you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Activity

1.1. BPM College invites you to create an official remix of the song “Drop & Roll” by BLISS. Participants will download a set of channels of BLISS’s track and use them to create a remixed version of the song “Drop & Roll”. After completing the remix, the contestants will upload it to BPMREMIX’s’s Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/groups/bpmremix-bliss. Of all the participating remixes, three will be chosen as the winning tracks. If two remixes shall receive the same rating, the winners will share the prize. The remixes will be selected by BPM’s management at their discretion and according to their professional understanding. A remix is defined by changes made to the track’s original channels and/or recorded components and/or sound in order to create a new version of the track.

1.2 As part of the considerations for selecting the winning remixes, elected as such, BPM will be entitled but not required to take into account the number of plays that the remix received. The creator will be allowed to upload their remix to YouTube, Facebook and similar sites, as described in Section 5.5. below.

1.3 During the registration, in order to send the produced remix, the contestant must include the following information: the creator’s name as it appears on their identity card, their I-D number, a phone number as contact information, the creator’s address, the creator’s artistic name as it should appear in the single’s publication, the length of the segment in minutes and seconds and credits if there are such.

1.4 Commercial use: As stated above, BPM is entitled, but not obligated, to choose certain remixes uploaded to the activity’s website, in their sole discretion, and distribute them to the public via different media platforms, including Linkton, YouTube and digital sale platforms (“the chosen remixes”), subject to the artist’s signature on the New Media Appendix attached to these regulations.

The sole discretion as to the uses of the remix will be BPM’s and/or their representatives’.

  1. Eligibility for participation in the activity:

The activity is open to people countrywide from the age of 13 or older. As for participants under the age of 18, their legal guardian’s signature is required on these regulations at the BPM offices at least 24 hours before the remix is uploaded.

  1. Times

Remixes will be accepted in the manner specified above in these regulations from 26.07.15 until 23.08.15(“the participation period”).

  1. Submitting Remixes

Each participant may submit one remix to the activity. The remixes will be uploaded to the activity’s website in the following format: 24 bit WAV, and in sound quality that enables broadcast and commercial uses, between the following dates: 26.07.15 – 23.08.15. Remixes uploaded after 23.08.15 at 23:55 will not participate in the competition. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of BPM.

Helpdesk and information: all inquiries about errors and/or difficulties regarding the uploading process will be sent to the company’s webpage. The company will answer these inquiries within 48 hours upon receiving the inquiry sent to the company’s webpage only. It is hereby clarified and emphasized that the company is not responsible for any malfunction and/or problem, whether it depends on the participant, the company and/or anyone on its behalf and/or an error originating from of an implementation in the company’s webpage or an application which depends on an external system.

Intellectual property and user rights of the remix

5.1 By uploading a remix to the activity’s website, you acknowledge that you are the original creator of the remix, and that the remix does not violate any rights of a third party. (Uses of the included channels as described in section 1.1 above are authorized for usage for the sole purposes of this activity.)

5.2 The participant declares that they are aware that a violation of this section may result in significant damage to BPM and/or its representatives, and they undertake to indemnify BPM for any damage and/or expense caused to BPM and/or a third party as a result of violation and/or alleged violation of the stated conditions in this section, including attorney fees and legal proceedings.

5.3 It is hereby declared that all rights of the remixes, including intellectual property rights, will belong to BPM, which will be allowed to transfer them to a third party and make uses of the remix including for commercial use worldwide and on every platform, and this is not time-limited. The chosen remix creators as defined above will be entitled to receive royalties for commercial use, as specified in the New Media Annex that they will be required to sign.

5.4 The participant declares that subject to the provisions of this agreement and the New Media Annex, which will be sent to the creators of the remixes selected by BPM, as elected, they will not have any claim, demand or action against BPM and/or anyone on its behalf, in connection to the usage of the remixes.

5.5 It is hereby agreed that the creators of the chosen remixes will be allowed to use the remix that they created for the purposes of a portfolio and self-promotion, including advertising on a personal website, Facebook page, YouTube profile and live performances. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the creators will not be permitted to use their remix for commercial uses and/or authorize any usage of the remix to a third party.

  1. Advertising the remixes

6.1 BPM will be entitled to determine the selection process of the chosen remixes under its sole discretion, including extending or modifying the activity period. Participants hereby waive any claim to BPM in respect to any changes made for any reason.

6.2 BPM is authorized to publicize the activity, including its products, on its website and social platforms at its disposal, including BPM’s publicity channels.

6.3 BPM will be allowed to publish the activity and its products as part of its public relations activities.

6.4 A prize that is subject to age such as a ticket to an event can only be used from the age of 18. There is no limit to the transfer of such a prize (sale or gift). BPM is not responsible for setting the age limits to different events that cooperate with the competition.

6.5 The collection of the prize will take place at BPM College during its business hours. BPM will require at least five stills of the winner with the prize for promotion and advertising for a year at least.

6.6 The content and/or its delivery does not constitute a breach of provisions of law, including but not only the regulations concerning defamation, obscene publications, invasion of privacy, violation of intellectual property rights, forbidden publications relating minors and/or any other prohibited advertising.

  1. Disqualifying remixes

7.1 It is forbidden to use offensive texts.

7.2 The company can disqualify under its sole discretion and remove any remix from the competition that does not match its view of the instructions brought in these regulations.

7.3 The company reserves its right to publish the names, images and details of the contestants whose content will be chosen for publicity on its website, in any media platform during any time is sees fit. It is clarified that the said publications may include various forms of media, including television, newspapers and websites, including for advertising, promotion, public relations and marketing of the activity or the company. By participating in the activity, the participant expresses their consent to be photographed, and their name, image, identity and details to be publicized as part of the coverage and the aforementioned publications, free of charge and/or royalties of any kind and without time limitation, and waives any claim against the company in this regard.

  1. Advertising the chosen remixes

8.1 BPM will publicize the names of the selected remixes for commercial advertising, as specified in section 6.1 above, on the activity’s website until the end of 07.09.15.

8.2 The participation in the activity is considered as consent for the publication of the participant’s information on any media platform and/or any means of communication.

  1. Announcing the winner

9.1 During the announcement of the winner as stated above, the manager of the competition on behalf of BPM will announce the winner’s details on the company’s website. In this notice the manager will ask the winner to acknowledge the message and to contact the manager by phone in order to receive the prize at a time and place to be determined by the manager.

9.2 Simultaneously, the manager will notify the winner by phone.

9.3 It is hereby clarified that if contacting the winner for the purpose of notification of the award as mentioned above shall not be successful for any reason and will not last for a period greater than 48 hours after the end of the activity, the company will be entitled to give the prize to the next winner and/or winners. The winner hereby waives any claim and/or demand in this regard against the company and/or its representatives on this issue and/or an issue arising therefrom.

9.4 By uploading a track to the website’s activity, the participant commits that all copyrights of the track, including performance and mastering, are theirs alone, and that they will indemnify the company and/or its employees in respect of any matter submitted to a financial requirement by a third party.

  1. Miscellaneous

10.1 BPM may terminate and/or cancel the activity and/or change the terms (reasonable modifications) of these regulations, for any reason, at its sole discretion.

10.2 The laws of the State of Israel will apply to these regulations and any dispute arising from them shall be brought before the courts in Tel Aviv alone.