BliSS Remix Contest – Ended 2017-01-26T14:41:53+02:00

Project Description

About The Contest

BPM College is pleased to invite you once again to participate in the international remix competition BPMREMIX! The current competition features a collaboration with successful trance artist Yonatan “BLiSS” Marcow.


Marcow is a multi-instrumentalist who formed his psytrance project in 2003. Thanks to his innovative sounds and undeniable charisma, he has received wide media attention and enjoys an ever-growing community of followers. Marcow has released several albums and continues to perform worldwide.


In order to participate, please register, download the set of channels, create your very own remix and upload it here. Good luck!

Full Track


First Place: MIDI Guitar + a label release on on “Trancelucent Productions” + an Akai AMX Mixer and a Serato Sound Card courtesy of “Halilit” + a BPM College scholarship of 3,000 NIS.

Second Place:A label release on “Trancelucent Productions” + MPC Akai Professional Headphones courtesy of “Halilit” + a BPM College scholarship of 2,000 NIS  

Third Place: A label release on “Trancelucent Productions” + an MPK mkII AKAI Professional keyboard courtesy of “Haililit” + a BPM College scholarship of 1,000 NIS. 

Remix Pack