The winners of the BPMREMIX contest with BLiSS

BPM College is pleased to announce the winners of the BPMRemix competition featuring BLiSS!

Last month, we opened our international remix contest, BPMREMIX. The artist whose track was featured is Yonatan “BLiSS” Marcow, one of the most successful trance artists active today.

Thousands of people from around the world entered the contest and downloaded the mixpack of the hit track Drop N Roll. We received hundreds of submissions by people who prepared eclectic remixes and gave their own interpretation to the original track. BLiSS listened to all of them, and after a long week’s work he selected three winners. Here’s what he had to say about them:


First place: Ofer Pressman


“From the very first play I knew I was dealing with a real musician here. I felt that he had read my mind with the Jazzy approach to the track and listening to it made me want to drink a mojito on the beach. Ofer, well played!”

Ofer wins a MIDI Guitar of “YOU ROCK GUITAR”, a label release on “Trancelucent Productions”, an Akai AMX Mixer and a Serato Sound Card courtesy of “Halilit”, as well as a BPM College scholarship of 3,000 NIS.


Second place: Re-Twin


“This remix is very faithful to the original track but full of personal touch and has a great sound.”

Re-Twin wins a label release on “Trancelucent Productions“, MPC AKAI Professional Headphones courtesy of “Halilit” and a BPM College scholarship of 2,000 NIS.


Third place: Obvious – a graduate of the EMP program at BPM College

“In this remix, the artist used a low and funky rhythm which illuminated the original track with a new light and that is exactly what I was looking for.”

Obvious wins a label release on “Trancelucent Productions”, an MPK mkII AKAI Professional keyboard courtesy of “Haililit” and a BPM College scholarship of 1,000 NIS.

The winners will receive personal messages. See you in the next BPMREMIX competition!

If you wish to take part in an exclusive course which will give you the opportunity to learn all of BLiSS’s production secrets and techniques, fill in your email address here.